Penrith is safe and open for business

I am pleased that Cumbria County Council have come together with stakeholders and agreed a practical and safe solution for re-opening some of the Penrith roads especially with regard to emergency access. In my discussions, I have called for a positive dialogue and a clear message to be sent out - Penrith is open and safe for business. I have spoken to and visited affected businesses in Penrith and although the re-opening is welcome and trade is picking up, there is still work to be done in terms of communicating a positive and welcoming message, especially with signage and parking. I have asked that this is addressed as a priority. As we move out of lockdown we need to allow local businesses to recover and flourish whilst still being cognisant of and prioritising public health and safety. 

I still have concerns for the town and the businesses regarding access, and I will continue to work with Cumbria County Council and stakeholders to further ease and adapt these restrictions