Caring More for Rural Mental Health

Spurred into politics after witnessing the tragic consequences the Foot and Mouth Outbreak had on rural communities, I feel passionately that we need to address the unique factors impacting rural mental health. Having witnessed the mental impacts of shock events such as flooding and animal disease outbreaks as well as seeing rural isolation which is only compounded by a lack of access to centralised services, I triggered an official Commons EFRA Select Committee Inquiry into the issue. Informed by the high instances of mental  health issues among the veterinary and agricultural sectors, I have championed more support for rural communities, better access to mental health provision and parity of esteem between physical and mental health since my maiden speech in Parliament.


Dr Neil Hudson MP reiterates the need to support communities following storms

An Urgent Statement was held in the Commons Chamber on Monday 8th January regarding Storm Henk where Dr Neil Hudson MP spoke on the importance of providing support to communities during and after extreme flooding, including the mental wellbeing of those impacted by these devastating circumstances

Dr Neil Hudson MP throws his weight behind nitrous oxide ban

Dr Neil Hudson MP voted last night to make nitrous oxide misuse illegal by the end of the year under a zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour. Known as ‘laughing gas’, nitrous oxide will be categorised as a class C drug, with users facing up to two years in prison for breaking the law.