Standing up for the United Kingdom

As an MP at the border, I am passionate about our United Kingdom staying together. I will work with colleagues along the border and across the border to ensure that Scotland and England flourish in partnership.

Building our Economy

I will work to improve investment in our area, and to ensure that Central Government spending has an impact in Cumbria. I will work with colleagues to try to bring investment and opportunity to our area.

Animal Welfare

As a veterinary surgeon, I am passionate about animal welfare. In the United Kingdom, we have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world, but we can always do more. I am strongly in favour of proposals to increase sentencing in

Standing up for our Public and Local Services

I will work for investment in our local public services such as health, education and police. I will stand up for our precious NHS upon which we all depend. I will work to protect and enhance our health services.

Better Connectivity

We need to strive for excellent connectivity, both physical and virtual – in areas such as transport links, mobile phone coverage and high speed broadband. Penrith and The Border is a vast and sparsely-populated constituency.

Protecting Agriculture and our Environment

In the UK, we have the best farmers and highest standards of animal welfare in the world. Farming can and should be profitable and sustainable, with animal welfare at its heart.