Standing up for the United Kingdom

As an MP at the border, I am passionate about our United Kingdom staying together. I will work with colleagues along the border and across the border to ensure that Scotland and England flourish in partnership. Through initiatives like the Borderlands Partnership, we can bring investment to this area, north and south of the border. I am strongly supportive of the proposals to extend the Borders Railway south from Tweedbank, through Longtown and on to Carlisle.


Herald Column: April

The harrowing scenes from Ukraine continue and the Russian aggression and destruction is impossible to comprehend. I have been greatly moved by the generosity and kindness across Penrith and The Border in supporting Ukrainian refugees, including offers of housing.

Herald Column: March

Sadly, I must start my column with the harrowing situation in Ukraine after Russia’s unprovoked and dreadful invasion on 24th February. The West has been strong in its condemnation and has implemented robust and quick sanctions on Russia.